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Arthur Krzycki, Assistant Vice President, Marketing

DUCA Financial Services Credit Union

“DUCA is a credit union that prides itself in generating profits for a purpose. At DUCA, our Members can expect more than just having access to leading financial products and services; they can expect to be treated like a person, not an account number.

We keep our Members’ best interests at heart and we are purpose-driven to deliver a distinct experience that defines what it means to be a Member of a co-operative bank.

In short, we exist to help people do more, be more and achieve more with their money and their lives. That’s the DUCA promise.

This is why, when DUCA needed to provide its Members with time-sensitive information and an opportunity to answer questions about an important corporate initiative, we turned to Tele-Town Hall.

They’ve provided us with the technology and the support to contact well over 30,000 Members quickly and efficiently. The event was a resounding success. It went smoothly, the technology worked very well. It was simple to operate, while giving us the ability to fully leverage the opportunity to interact with our audience.”

Global Fortune 500 Company

“Our company was very pleased with the entire process of using Tele-Boardroom®. Even though we were new to the technology, the staff took the time to ensure we were comfortable with the process, recommending best practices and being responsive to our questions. They even followed up with a phone call to get our feedback – a very nice touch.”

Leo Zamansky, President RINA Systems

“The use of Tele-Boardrooms®’ video webcast helps us to connect with our partners and clients providing a better way to maintain our business relationships.”

Richard Tew, Vice President X-Cast Labs

“Tele-boardroom® provides a great platform that enables us to connect with our partners and clients instantly”.

DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Utilizes TELE-BOARDROOM® meeting

Chris Elizondo

Unprecedented membership outreach yields resounding success for DUCA and its membership

(September 8, 2015) Washington, D.C. – DUCA Credit Union utilizes Tele-Boardroom’s® mass conferencing technology to provide its membership with time-sensitive information during a live meeting. “We keep our Members’ best interests at heart and we are purpose driven to deliver a distinct experience that defines what it means to be a member of a co-operative bank,” commented Assistant Vice President of Marketing at DUCA, Arthur Krzycki. The DUCA communications and marketing team researched various communication solutions, and found that few were able to maintain the interpersonal connection its members have come to expect. “We turned to Tele-Boardroom®, which provided us with the technology and support to contact well over 30,000 members quickly and efficiently”, said Krzycki.

Tele-Boardroom® is able to achieve this type of communication outreach since it is the corporate offering of Tele-Town Hall®, the leading provider of telephone town hall events. “For over a decade, our focus has been providing telephone town hall technology to address specific communications needs for clients ranging from elected officials, campaigns, to unions and schools. “Tele-Boardroom® is the next step in the technology’s progression to address that same need for the corporate and business markets looking to utilize a results oriented approach to their audiences,” commented Tele-Boardroom’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Elizondo. Tele-Boardroom’s latest client DUCA agrees with this sentiment. “The meeting was a resounding success, went smoothly and the technology worked very well. It was simple to operate, while giving us the ability to fully leverage the opportunity to interact with our audience”, stated Krzycki.




Tele-Boardroom® is proud to announce our latest feature, Go-Conference™. With Go-Conference™, you can launch your own free conference call for up to 20 participants. There are no purchases necessary, no hidden fees, no contracts, and no time restrictions. Go-Conference™ is available to you 24/7— you do not need a reservation or an account to host your own conference call.

Simply dial the conference number and individualized PIN number, which you can obtain by contacting your Tele-Boardroom® representative. Once you have received your conference call information you are ready to conference.

As the conference host, you may use the following key strokes to adjust your call settings. Press “*2” to increase the conference volume and “*3” to decrease the volume. To avoid echo, instruct callers to press “*1” to mute themselves. Participants who wish to speak may press “*4” to un-mute their line. Press “*#” for a count of callers in the conference. You may also press “*” to hear these menu options during your call. To end your call, press “*0” or simply hang up. Please be advised that using speakers, headsets, cordless phones, etc. may cause static or echo.

We do not listen or record any customer calls, nor do we sell your information or content. Privacy is our number one priority. International callers may join your conference, so long as they have the capability to dial U.S. numbers. There are no charges associated with Go-Conference™, though long distance charges from your phone carrier may apply. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use.



New brand will provide Tele-Town Hall’s patented telephone town hall technology to business world

(March 1, 2011) Washington, D.C. – Having revolutionized the way elected officials and political candidates communicate with constituents and voters, Tele-Town Hall, LLC® is now bringing its innovative technology and nearly two decades of industry expertise to the business sector with the launch of Tele-Boardroom®, a new corporate division. Tele-Boardroom® will provide the same leading-edge telephone town hall technology, created by Tele-Town Hall, LLC® and utilized by thousands of legislators around the globe, with the integration of additional customization designed specifically to meet the mass personal communication needs of the business world.

Roman Marchevsky, President of Tele-Town Hall®, views the development of Tele-Boardroom® as a natural progression for the company, taking its ground-breaking technology from the world of Politics, where it has become a household name, to the business sector. Tele-Boardroom® will enable board members and executive officers to connect with their shareholders, employees, and community members on a larger scale. “Tele-Boardroom® came about because business communications is rapidly evolving, especially when a majority of companies are staffed by tele-commuting employees who utilize the Internet and smart phone technology. Our service enables the CEO of a large company, or the Vice President of an entire division, to interact live with thousands –even millions– of his or her employees in minutes from the comfort of an office, or even a home office,” said Marchevsky.

To conduct a Tele-Boardroom® meeting, all that is needed is a telephone line and a computer with Internet connection. Marchevsky and his team provide businesses with the patented mass teleconferencing technology and Web-interface used to control a Tele-Boardroom® event. “Our platform embraces the fundamental mode of business personal communications–the telephone–while providing customers with enhanced personalization and increased flexibility for their end users via our optional Video and Audio Webcasting features,” said Shaun Thompson, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Tele-Boardroom®. Webcasting a Tele-Boardroom® event allows end users with Internet access to participate in live Q & A and real-time survey questions via a Web link. In particular, Video Webcasting offers the Host additional broadcasting capabilities including Live Streaming Video of Multiple Speakers, as well as the ability for the Host to launch Slideshow Presentations and Pre-Recorded Video Feeds for visual assistance. “What sets Tele-Boardroom® apart from other leading conferencing providers in the business world is our system’s unique power and scalability. At the same, we offer a product that is user-friendly and cost-effective for companies of all sizes,” said Thompson.

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