How It Works


Outline for Conducting a Tele-Boardroom® meeting:

  • Tele-Boardroom® rapidly dials out to a list of phone numbers provided by your business.
  • The targeted audience receives your personalized, pre-recorded message inviting them to remain on the line if they wish to be transferred automatically to your live Tele-Boardroom® meeting.
  • When joining the meeting, participants have the opportunity to ask you – the “Star Speaker” – questions live, as well as to respond to integrated Survey Questions using their phone keypads.
  • Using a customized Tele-Boardroom® Web Interface, you control which participants ask their questions live on the conference as well as when to pose Survey Questions to your audience.
  • Participants, who are unable to ask their questions live, have the option to leave a personal message with a Call Screener or a Tele-Boardroom® voicemail for the “Star Speaker” at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Following your Tele-Boardroom® meeting, you will receive a detailed report complete with participant statistics as well as a digital recording of your event that may be posted to your website.

For a complete list and description of Tele-Boardroom® features, please visit the Features page.

For more information regarding how to setup and conduct a Tele-Boardroom® event, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page or contact a member of the Tele-Boardroom® team at (202) 237-8313.

* If a participant wishes to pose a question live, he/she can press “zero” on his/her phone keypad in order to enter the queue to ask the Speaker a question. You can optionally use Call Screeners (members of your staff) who can speak with participants first before placing them in line to ask the Speaker a question. The Speaker will then use the Web interface (Speaker screen/Fig. 1) to control the event by “allowing” and “disallowing” participants to talk live on the conference.