Why Use Us?

Powerful & Scalable:

While other leading teleconferencing tools limit your conference size to a few hundred participants, Tele-Boardroom® is the first scalable platform for businesses that is powerful enough to help your business personally interact live with thousands–even millions–of participants in minutes at the touch of a button.


Tele-Boardroom® events can be managed with ease from the comfort of your own home or office. No experience with technology is necessary. With the use of our user-friendly, Web-based interface, absolutely anyone can conduct a Tele-Boardroom® event from practically anywhere in the world.


Tele-Boardroom® events are the most cost-effective means of mass personal communication available. At only a fraction of the cost of a first class stamp, Tele-Boardroom® events can be used to reach out to your targeted audience for only pennies per contact.